Samstag, Juni 8, 2024
Samstag, Juni 8, 2024
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SCI delegation inspects projects of its donors in Tajikistan

by Andre Germar
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Sharjah 24: The Sharjah Charity International (SCI) has strengthened its humanitarian work in the Republic of Tajikistan by opening a number of new projects to add to the projects previously implemented since 2015.
A media delegation from the Charity, represented by Mohammed bin Nassar, Director of the Corporate Communications and Marketing Department, Abdul Rahman Mohammed, Head of the Department, and a representative of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, made a field visit last week to inspect existing projects to ensure their progress, on the sidelines of the launch of a warm winter campaign in a number of villages and remote areas in Tajikistan.

In detail, Mohammed bin Nassar said: In implementation of what was stated in the annual plan and in accordance with the reports and studies that had been conducted in the areas most in need to identify needed projects and meet the needs of residents, a field visit was conducted to the Republic of Tajikistan, which is one of the countries included in the warm winter campaign, where distributed campaign allocations, which included heavy blankets, clothes, winter clothing, charcoal, fuel, and firewood, to more than 400 beneficiary families.

Bin Nassar confirmed that the visit was concluded by inspecting a number of remote areas that had not previously been visited before to identify the needs of their residents and then carry out the implementation of these projects during the coming period, pledging to make every effort to advance the message of humanity and promote charitable projects that support the needs of the needy and poor around the world. He extended his sincere thanks to the supporters of the benefactors and donors of the campaign.

For their part, the beneficiaries praised the Charity’s efforts.

Source: Sharjah24

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